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Must Reads for Your Week

The theme of this week’s “must read’s” has to do with how we interact online – or better, how we should.

“How the Internet Has Brought Us Too Close Together (and the Wisdom of Trolls)” by Alastair Roberts

Alastair Roberts always brings a unique (and extended!) look at contemporary issues. Here he talks about how the challenges we live with online in a “smaller” world…

Vigorous and fruitful exchange of diverse ideas is only possible where a certain culture exists and this culture requires particular types of persons and contexts to sustain it, people who regard themselves as self-defined collaborative architects of a conversation and contexts that are more capable of sustaining confrontational and more differentiated interactions.

“Challenging the Culture of Quarrelsome ‘Discernment’ Blogging” by E. Stephen Burnett

A timely word. E. Stephen Burnett confronts the dark side of the unbiblical and quarrelsome “discernment” blogging – otherwise known as QDB…

I do not challenge biblical discernment. But I do want to challenge quarrelsome discernment: a counterfeit “discernment” that revels in the fight, refuses to listen to others, is careless with the truth, and twists one biblical instruction — to rebuke false teaching — into a chief end of a Christian’s ministry.

“A Guide to Debating Online (Without Losing Friends)” by Bonnie Kristian

An oldie but a goodie. How do you talk online without being a jerk? Bonnie Kristian tells you how.

…debating online doesn’t have to involve insults and farewells. We can take our stances seriously and still be on speaking terms when the debate is over.