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Book 1

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We live in an age of outrage. Our conversations are jagged. Our tongues are untamed. Our fists are clenched. Civility and compassion are mere afterthoughts in the cultural milieu we swim in. Why have the virtues of reasonableness, kindness, and patience in our words evaporated? And why are Christians increasingly indistinct from the wider culture in this respect?

In Just Words: Grace-Shaped Talk in an Age of Outrage, Brad Andrews aims to show how the worst of our culture’s downwardly-spiraling verbal exchange is deeply harming us. But not leaving us there, he also compassionately calls Christians to be the vanguards in gracious speech amidst the mud-slinging. Weaving the theological,  practical, and cultural, Andrews shows that words are not just words. They sculpt. They forge. They mold. And speaking “just” words – words that radiate with rationality, restraint, and mercy  – can actually bring our faith, media, and social communities above the fray and carve pathways for real understanding and change.


Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Length + completion date

200 pages

July 1, 2016

Chapters List


Part 1

  1. Rage Against the Everything
  2. Shame on You
  3. Crowdsourcing our Anger
  4. Provocateurs or Prophets?
  5. Tolerance’s Intolerance
  6. The Violence of Cynicism

Part 2

  1. A Theology of the Tongue
  2. Logs + Specks
  3. The Good Fight
  4. The Cost of Peace
  5. Love Your Enemies
  6. How Jesus Talked